The Order of the Arcane Council

The Archivist's Athaneaum

As the group continued to travel backwards, the dark elf caught up to them as he walked backwards through the whole area, not waking any of the ghosts. The group found themselves at a dead end, already finding themselves standing on an invisible platform. If they continued they would fall down a fiery hole to magical fire. The group figured out that there were two new paths leading to the left and right of them, both invisible. One on the right (if they were facing back to the Gorum’s area) spiraling downward and the one on the left staying level. The dark elf informed them that they should go left after his magical diadem showed him a magical map of the complex.

The group traveled for many days along the path to the left having to stop and rest many a time, in the squelching heat. But finally they found themselves at a library, called the Archivist’s Athenaeum. The doors opened for us and a giant magical book started talking to us, through its choking on it’s own dust. After demanding the knowledge of our identities and our purpose the book turned into a old man. The man now held another magical book and looked very old and wise. There were also magical books all around the room shifting places with one another. There were also statues of all the daughters surrounding him. The old man known as the Archivist told us that we had not pledged our allegiance to one of the good daughters like we had previously thought but instead to malcent one of the evil daughters. The old man told us that he would free us from this pledge if we went to retrieve something for him that is in another room of the complex. It would be guarded by some powerful magical being. He also acquiesced to our request for knowledge from his great athenaeum, allowing us to choose one book from his library and if we chose well then we could keep the book or else we would be punished. The gnome chose poorly, losing the use of his arm for a week or so, the dark elf chose well getting to keep his book, the elf chose well getting to keep his book, Abel also chose well and kept his book, Eljee chose very poorly and lost his sight for who knows how long, and Enzoniacs pet raven told him that he was not worthy to choose any book.

The group then set off to retrieve the artifact. They traveled another tenday or so to another library that looked very much like the previous one, but when the group stepped into this one they were immediately attacked by all the books. The smaller books started shooting fireballs at them and the center large book started to shoot a ray of light at the group that shook the victim to the core. The group scrambled to hold their own for a long while, Eljee going down fast, and the rest trying to scramble up the bookshelves in order to hide from the ray of light. Baylen saved the day by calling his guardian from his horn. The guardian wrestled with the large book and used its ray of light to attack the other enemies. But then the books shifting around the outside began firing magical darts at him draining his life drastically. Baylen and Enzoniac scrambled to keep him healed while everyone else tried to take out the smaller books. The guardian ended up destroying almost all of the small books but then dropped the book and it opened at his feet taking him down. Soon after the bookshelves he had set on fire with the ray of light toppled on top of him and the book, creating a domino effect for the rest of them.

The dark elf and Abel then made quick work of the smaller books that were left in the room, and then with Baylen and Enzoniac sought to tend the wounds of the elf and the dwarf who now were both dying.

The Grumbling Elf
"I curl up to the gnome naked and Im gonna spoon him so we keep our body heat"

The grumbling Elf

The group found themselves fast asleep with Baylen playing little spoon to Enzoniac’s big spoon. The Dwarf all by his lonesome and Peren and Abel keeping eachother warm. The only one not asleep was the dark elf. The dark elf was meditating, keeping watch over their new temporary home. Soon a small gnome sized golem came out to the dark elf and handed him item after item. Quickly the dark elf knew that these items were specially crafted with the highest magical aptitude. The dark elf then asked the golem and he pointed to the Gorum and to the dark elf. The dark elf tried to go talk to the Gorum but he would not stop crying, thanks to Baylen. The golem then pointed to the items and pointed to the 6 adventurers. So the dark elf gave each adventurer an item and also gave them something he had found in his adventures during the night.

The group woke up and Baylen found himself being snuggled by the human. The odd thing was that the humans clothes were all ruffled like he was contemplating snuggling up to him naked. Even more odd was that Baylen’s clothes looked ruffled too like Enzoniac had contemplated taking Baylen’s clothes off as well.

The group woke to an almost christmas like event with magical items as well as a few items they probably could have done without at their feet. The elf found himself with a shiny new great bow which he almost mistook for a short bow due to his inexperience with such weapons, as well as thieves tools, a quiver with arrows, and an oar from a small boat. The gnome found himself with a shiny new horn that tingled with magical power, and a torn white shirt and a broken helm. The human found himself with an almost new hemp rope, and a ice hammer. The tiefling found a pair of fiery bracers, and a torch. The dwarf found himself with a spiky new maul. Instead of being happy and excited about finding such an amazing magical weapon and great items the elf found himself grumbling continuously to the dark elf all day about how his pants were ripped.

As we left the platform to inspect our items because of a magical suppression field in the upper platform area the clay golem came and told us to run because a big bad man was coming. We all sprinted out of there as fast as we could down to the magical courtyard. As we ran Eljee told us about his need for 100 gold pieces because of his gambling problems. Most of the group could not amass such an amount and so Eljee asked the dark elf. The dark elf didnt see the need because he would only have to ask again the next day. The dwarf tried feeding it his old maul and only got 3 gold pieces for it and then fed it the elf’s old bow and got a single gold piece for it. The human coughed up 20 gold to help him out. But the dwarf was still needing much more. The dark elf told him that he would give him the gold if he paid him back on his terms and conditions and that he would sign a contract based on those terms when it could be drafted up and the dwarf promised upon his dwarven honor.

When we got to the courtyard we could not enter because as a little minion creature from Enzoniacs magical weapon told us we were unclean. And that we had to go to the cleansing pool in the other part of the complex. We then went back there and the dark elf quickly found himself digging through his favorite pile of loot. Then the group decided to leave the dark elf and continue down the path to the cleansing pool. The soon met the ghost telling them if they take another step forward they will regret it. Enzoniac was tipped off by his minion that he should walk backwards and so he did, right by the ghost. The all began walking backwards and no more ghosts popped up like the last time the group tried to make progress down this tunnel. The ghost tried to trick them, taking the form of a close friend in order to tell them to run back. The soon found themselves falling down a pit to a fire but instead landed on an invisible platform 3 feet down. The ghost wished them luck against the monster that they will meet.

The Gorum and the Immodest One
"Its like jumping off a four story building because you're scared a hammer is falling behind you"

The tar friendThe group slid down the trash chute. Peren, being the first found the end and reacted quickly when he found himself falling 50 feet down to a bone pile. Peren caught himself on a bar stopping his fall safely. Baylen then fell after him, and in trying to slow his fall grabbed onto Peren’s foot causing Peren to almost slip and fall to his shameful death. Now you must understand that Peren was so close to death that a kittens scratch would kill him, and being so exhausted from fighting disease earlier he could not even be healed by the healers. Baylen’s momentum pulled off Peren;s boot and forced him down to the pile below. Next came Enzoniac, who slowed his fall by grabbing onto the back pocket of Peren’s leather armor. His momentum quickly tore the entire pant leg off exposing Peren’s naked butt. Abel followed him up and fell, being the first one to not grab onto Peren. The dark elf followed Abel up being the first one to actually slow himself down and not fall down the hole. The dark elf called out quietly to the gnome, “What’s down there?”, and Baylen shouted, “A Tar Fiend!” waking the creature up.

The group believing that Eljee had perished in the room above was a little relieved to be rid of such an evil man. The dark elf swung his grappling hood down to the bar that Peren was holding but currently was sliding down a rope that was slung over the bar. The dark elf had latched on his grappling hook pretty securely and in the most ridiculous Acrobatic Blunder he tried to drop straight down the 50 foot shaft and while falling pull himself up the rope (the rope was connected to a spot lower than he was) and then hold on to it and stop himself before he hit the ground. The feat would not have been too amazing difficult for the dark elf but while he was falling he was so appalled to see the elf and his naked butt that he couldn’t hold on to the rope and just fell straight down onto the human standing directly below the shaft.

Examining the room they now were in, the dark elf noticed a unique item sticking out to the tar creature. A crown like item and a scepter were sticking out of the back of the creature. The dark elf remembered that the daughter that he was communicating with told him to get the tiara so that she could communicate with him. He convinced the group that it might be necessary to kill this creature in order to gain those items. But as we got into position to attack we realized that this was an intelligent creature and could be made friends. Then the blubbering human angered it, causing it to splash tar at him. We decided to try to find it some food.

Splitting up we searched different pile to find some living creature. Peren and Enzoniac found some magical bunnies, and continued to find more and more of them. The dark elf continued to search for some food for the creature but was as of yet unsuccessful. The group then tried to talk to the tar creature, which we realized was a Gorum, trying to figure out what the bunnies were for. We had some idea that they were keys to unlock something.

The Colors of the bunnies are as follows:
Reddish Brown
Gold (Held by the Gorum)

They were found in:
1 in an Alligator Skull
1 in a fish skull
1 in a human skull
1 in a monkey skull
1 in an owl skull
1 with the Gorum

At this point Eljee suddenly fell out of the chute, unconscious. But what really happened was that he had escaped barely from the monsters. He found himself falling down the chute but wanted to stop himself somehow understanding that there was going to be a fall at the end of the chute. So he used his hands and body to stop himself, quickly wearing away any skin on his hands and wrists. Then he tried to use his maul to wedge it in the chute to stop himself. He caught it on the walls and tried to then climb up the chute. . . ? He lost his grip as it slipped and then he found himself falling down the chute and the maul falling behind him. He then was scared of landing and having the maul fall on his head super hard so he decided to bullet dive down the chute (he might have had some encouragement from the group on that one). Then Peren (out of game) tried to explain what he was doing in a real life example, “Its like jumping off a four story building because you’re scared a hammer is falling behind you”. At that Eljee tried to slow himself down a little but it was a little too late and he was not very skilled at stopping himself. Luckily he wasn’t very good at bullet diving either. He fell out of the chute very fast, getting knocked unconscious from the fall and also getting a maul slammed down on his face.

Then the dark elf explored the cave more to try and find some way out. The dark elf made his way down one corner of this diamond shape cave as it became very small and pitch black. He finally emerged into the entrance to a small garden courtyard. It was filled with magical trees, magical fountains, magical sky, magical clouds, magical animals. It had 3 doors, that were decorated with all kinds of jewels and a magical painting on each of them that described a daughter of Archaveus Rex. Each of the magical items in the courtyard had seven of something: the trees branches, the fountains water spouts, the clouds seven of them, the squirrels tails. The center of the seven was always the most prominent. The dark elf could not enter the courtyard though and moved back to the group. They explored another opening and they were attacked by swarms of ghosts pushing them back to the center. Enzoniac explored another opening that had hand prints on the walls and writings that say to turn back. Eljee explored the final opening and it led to large wooden doors that he lacked the strength to open.

After Baylen mentioned the princesses to the Gorum he began crying, which he will continue for 7 days as it states on the wall behind him. We then decided to rest because we were tired and Peren was falling apart. He also was sure to catch a cold or another disease sleeping with his bare butt on the ground.

Titan and Knight
"I swear he said offensively on the knight!"

Titan and knight aThe third challenge that the team participated in was a variation of the previous challenge, but the gargoyle was changed a little, the thrones were weapons of extreme power. The titan and the knight statue came alive at a certain point in the challenge and battled in the fire spouts. The dragon statue was now a sort of obelisk with ten dragon heads spurting water. And the trap door and the dragon statue switched positions. The teams were now : Abel and the dark elf, and on the other team was Baylen, Eljee, and Enzoniac. There was also a magical portal that summoned creatures. At the start of the challenge the dark elf used his grappling hook to swing to the dragon statue and then climbed up. Abel ran to the blood pool and poured some on the head of the gargoyle. Baylen Eljee and Enzoniac proceeded to run towards the center of the map and had some trouble making their way through the poison that seemed to continue to stun them. Enzoniac tried to grab a small creature that came from the portal and bring it through the poison in his bag but it then disintegrated destroying his hopes of finally finding a friend.

As the dark elf reached the top of the statue he realized that it would most likely be too complicated to operate with a single person but figured he would spend about 12 – 18 seconds playing with it before he gave up. Baylen, Eljee and Enzoniac began to mess with the fire spouts to see if they could slow it down so that they could pass through without getting burned but ended up worsening the fire and getting burned anyway. They attempted to somehow block the flow of a magical pool and yet again failed at that. Abel created a zone in the fire spouts to cause anyone who stepped in to fall prone and then he ran to the trap door to investigate. Baylen and Eljee tried to investigate the dragon statue while Enzoniac tried his luck through the fire, quickly falling on his face and crawling the rest of the way and he pressed on to the Titan statue. The dark elf, having given up on the dragon statue due to its complexity swung back to his titan starting point finding Enzoniac there too. In a great feat of speed he launched a bullet rocketing towards his head. Enzoniac still pressed on pulling the helm from the titan but it quickly slammed down on top of the weak human knocking him prone. The dark elf knocked him unconcious with another hit and finished him off with a clean sword attack. Eljee bravely jumped from the dragon statue platform to a small column that was in a series of lilypad like columns that made a path to the throne. Eljee found himself face to face with a small rat creature that gave him a riddle. Somehow he passed the riddle and was given a ride to the throne which he then activated attacking the dark elf, but because of his feeble mind was unable to really hit him, leaving him only slowed. Knowing that he was being attacked from the throne the dark elf sought to put as much distance between him and the throne and so he threw his grappling hook to a wall far away and then swung down slamming into the wall 50 feet down but out of range of the throne. All the while Baylen experimented with the pool of cleansing which gave him a view of the entire map and hearing to hear everything that was spoken. Abel then tried to make his way to the other throne, easily passing through the fire with this high fire resistance, but getting stunned in the poison. Abel found Baylen standing by the pool of cleansing having recently drunk of it. He attacked the gnome and then rushed to try to drink of the pool too, noticing that it seemed to make the gnome stronger. Abel then was attacked by Baylen who tried to throw him off the platform but he was caught by the drake that was bowing down to the knight statue which had oddly started to move toward the center of the map as well as the titan on the other side of the arena. The drake which caught Abel placed him back on the platform as he pushed the gnome and Abel off to the side so that the knight could make his way to the center of the arena and spar off with the titan.

The dark elf, having climbed up the wall, threw his grappling hook to the trap door and after a few tries he caught it and was able to do an amazing acrobatic feet of swinging to it, pulling himself toward it in mid air, doing a backflip and landing right next to the trap door. Then he ran and jumped onto the first lily pad toward the throne. Eljee began using the throne to help the knight in his fight against the titan and at one point it looked like he was going to attack his own knight but then was saved by some strange force of nature. The titan disintegrated after being hit by the throne and then the dark elf fell to his doom after failing a riddle given by a beetle that was on one of the lilypad columns. The dark elf and the tiefling failed miserably, having only accomplished one of their objectives.

Challenge 2
"I climb up the gargoyle" "You fail." "Gargoyle crouch down. Now I climb up again" "You fail again, seriously, its like walking up stairs . . "

The gargoyle and the stoneOur second challenge was a new arrangement of platforms. We now had two square platforms and the teams were 3v3. We both had 6 objectives and the winner was the first to accomplish 4 objectives. These two platforms were connected by two connecting L’s connected together. on each side of the midle connector was either a trap door or a dragon statue. Also connected to each of the platforms was a path leading to a throne, but in between the throne and the platform was an obstacle, on one side being two statues that would attack and on the other side a 15 foot gap and two fiery pedastals. Each of the groups had to do a combination of the following objectives: Slay an enemy, Sit on their team’s own throne, Investigate either the trap door or the dragon statue, and either summon the gargoyle by pouring blood from the blood pool on it or destroy it by pouring water from the cleansing pool on it, and either drinking from the healing pool or protecting it, and finally steal the artifact from the other teams statue.

The teams were as such: Eljee, Enzoniac and the dark elf were on the team with the knight statue, and Baylen, Peren, and Abel on the team with the titan statue. The dark elf started the challenge by swinging a grappling hook over to attach onto a circular ring that would allow him to swing across to the gargoyl saving a great deal of time. But in his foolishness he stopped himself at a small island midway between them, after which he realized that it would be a big struggle to continue on to the gargoyle. Then Abel, the tiefling moved to the blood pool to gather some for the gargoyle. Eljee and Enzoniac moved towards the healing pool to protect it and gather cleansing water to douse on the gargoyle while Baylen also moved to assist Abel. Soon Abel was in range of the dark elf and fell prey to one of his bullets. Eljee rushed through a series of four fire spouts to attack Abel next to the gargoyle and he slammed him with his maul pushing him off of the path. Eljee, almost unconcious from what he suffered from the fire was easy to dispatch when Baylen showed up. Baylen then poured the blood from the blood pool that he gathered in his water skin on the gargoyle. Hopefully he cleans out that water skin before he drinks out of it again. The dark elf swung over to the dragon statue and after realizing that it had a oddly magical giant gem that was emitting some sort of force.

Now the gargoyle was finally summoned, and was obeying Baylen’s commands, odd as they were. Baylen first tried to climb up onto its back without having it crouch down, and then after telling it to crouch down he tried to climb up its back which really had the difficultry equivalent of climbing the stairs, unfortunately he could not accomplish such a feat. Baylen, having heard the splash that the dark elf made when he grabbed the massive gem from the statue and then fell with it into the pool of water at the bottom, had the gargoyle go towards the statue to investigate but he could not see anything as he was four feet tall standing behind a giant 20 foot gargoyle. At this point Enzoniac decided to head back to try to get the throne but fell unconcious after Peren hit him as he was going through the poison gas. Eljee and Abel came back into the portal as insubstantial creatures and they raced to the knight statue.

Baylen lead the statue over back to the healing pool while the dark elf emerged from the pool with a now hand sized gem and with the knowledge of how to use the powers of the gem. The dark elf climbed up the statue hoping to get a shot off on the gargoyle as Enzoniac who miraculously recovered and pulled himself out of the poison, and Eljee destroyed the one who use to resemble a tiefling called Abel. The dark elf got a shot off on the gargoyle but the second attack just barely missed as it crouched down. The challenge then ended with the Titatn team as the victors.

Challenge 1
What if I ran and jumped off the path, and dived to Paren, healed him and then teleported back up? With what teleport . . . ?

Threes companyOur first challenge consisted of three teams of two. This was half of our groups first introduction to combat, well except for the brutal murder of Xaris. We had a setting of three raised platforms connected by stretches of paths 10 feet wide. The paths were laden with traps of fire, and giant 10 foot gaps. We all had different objectives that conflicted. We all had to do a combination of protecting a item at our base, manipulating an item in someone eles base, and killing an enemy or two. The teams were as such: The dark elf, and Eljee were on the first team, Paren and Enzoniac for the second, and finally Baylen and the tiefling named Abel for the third.

The dark elf started it off, realizing that he somehow needed to get around a giant whirlpool that blocked his path. One of the objectives he had to do was to make sure that no one touched the whirlpool. So he started off by attacking an oponent with a far shot to the head, quickly wounding Enzoniac and then he began to move around to get in front of the whirlpool. Eljee quickly followed the dark elf edging around the whirlpool trying to make his way aroud the edge of the platform he was on with the dark elf. Peren was up next, as he ran from his start point towards the dark elf, jumping off the throne he started on and acrobatically sliding under the wall of fire that stood in his way. He then loosed an arrow which created a zone that slid people away from it and he slid both eljee and the dark elf off the edge of the platform but they acrobatically hung onto the edge. But soon the dark elf swung himself back up and loosed a bullet right to the head of Paren, knocking him unconcous instantly pushing him off the edge as he plummeted to his death. Eljee bolstered by the sight of this great feat that his teamate accomplished with great ease he swung himself up also, moving to protect the whirlpool. Baylen and Abel, having started this challenge a little farther away moved towards one of the paths to pursue their objectives, finding a series of four fire fountains blocking their path. Enzoniac, feeling shaken by the sight of his teamate being dispatched so quickly was thrown into the throes of hysteria, contemplating the idea of jumping down after him so that he could heal Peren in mid fall so that they could both be concious as they plumet to their doom together. He instead decided to try to run away to try his chances against Baylen and Abel.

The dark elf ran and easily jumped across the gap seperating him and Enzoniac’s platform which held his final objective already having completed his second objective which was to kill an enemy. Baylen and Abel were still trying to manipulate the fire spouts to try to get past the fire without taking any damage. The dark elf quickly grabbed water from the cleansing pool and then splashed it on the gargoyle completing his third objective as two things happened. The first was that Baylen and Abel made it past the fire, and as Eljee tried to get to the corner of their path to prevent anyone from getting an advantage of range on him he fell into a trap door. And Enzoniac came back and killed the dark elf right after he had finished pouring the last of the water on the gargoyle. Eljee climbed back up through the trap door on the ladder that was conveniently hanging on to it. As he did this he found himself face to face with Baylen whom he quickly attacked with his maul pushing baylen off the path to his doom. Which then was followed up by Abel sliding Eljee off the path to the other side to his doom as well. The challenge then ended with Eljee and the dark elf as the victors.

The Children of the Night
Wait, I thought it was supposed to be the cultists of the night, not the cultists of the brightly lit room...

Children of the nightThe group found themselves in a new room filled with circular rings of fire. Inside the fire there were cultists chanting in a circle. The walls were covered in a jumble of writing in some obscure language that only the dark elf could read. The group was cautious as they tried to figure out the best plan of action while the dark elf began to notice a changing pattern of text on the wall. Jasmine, one of the daughters of Archaveus Rex, was communicating through the walls. Apparenty Jasmine had been trapped along with the rest of the daughters of Archaveus Rex rather than killed as the tale goes. Jasmine needed to be freed.

Rats started popping up from holes and running at the adventurers, exploding on impact. Soon the first set of cultists finished and fell down dissapearing. Out from the center of the circle appeared a monster. The monster began using a force to grab the rats and fling them at the adventurers. The adventurers made little progress in attacking the monster choosing rather to continue attacking rats as they were flung at them. While the adventurers continued to do that the rats began multiplying eventually there were dozens of rats being thrown at the adventurers. The dark elf continued to try to communicate with Jasmine, and Jasmine helped them but in return secured the vow that they would free her.

Soon the second group of cultists finished summoning a second even stronger monster. The monster began consuming all of the rats that appeared, draining their life force. The first monster quickly died as the adventurers no longer had any rats to attack. The group, realizing that they would not be able to defeat all of the monsters started to run to the back of the room where there were small tunnels that could lead to our escape. As we made our escape the monster tried to prevent our escape; his aura causing great damage. The gnome got pulled in and fell unconscious but the human acted quickly and pulled him out also healing him. Then the monster grabbed the dwarf, eljee, and pulled him up to his level, about 25 feet up in the air. Eljee managed to wiggle his way free but found himself falling fast coincidentally landing right on the elf, Peren, resulting in yet another person going unconcious. But again the human, Enzoniac, acted brave and rushed to heal Eljee. All of this resulted in us going slow enough for the final monster to be summoned which proved to be the most powerful of them all.

This final moster’s attacks were all based on cold, freezing everything in his path. But luckily through Perens and the dark elf’s sharp eyes they realized that the cultists cloaks would provide magical protection against the cold attacks. Everyone rushed to grab a cloak and rush into the dark hole. Everyone except Eljee managed to get in; and as Eljee sought to get in the hole the second monster grabbed him a few times as he wiggled free again and again trying to dodge the cold monsters attacks. As Eljee was near the brink of death he managed to miraculously free himself for the last time, managing not to take fall damage, and get to safety down what we now realized to be a long shaft leading to a Tar Fiend that the gnome, Baylen just woke up. . .

The Whirlpool of Doom!
The Gnome Saved Him. . . ?!?

Throw me a boneAfter the death of the eladrin the group kicked his corpse off of the rock as they watched it slam hard into the ground. The dwarf then ransacked both the eladrin and stole all of the gnomes posessions as he tied him up to become his slave, adding abduction and conspiracy to commit gnome traffiking to their resumes.

The group then turned their focus back to the tomb realizing that they still had not even gotten into the tomb they so deperately wanted to ransack. But they soon ran into a problem, as they realized that they had no strength to speak of among their group, even the dwarf could barely carry his own maul. But pooling all of their strength together they were able to use a branch from a nearby tree as a lever to open the door wide enough to roll a small boulder, which took three of them to move, into the doorway. They all squeezed in, though the dwarf had a little trouble as he struggled to suck in his gut trying to get through the opening. But soon even the tied up gnome was dragged in and they all disapeared into the tomb leaving a bloody naked corpse of an eladrin outside.

The adventurers found an ooze that they a remembered less than fondly quickly approaching them. They scrambled to try everything they could to try to slow or repel the ooze, using different attacks and finally they found that the dwarf’s attacks repelled it. The ooze quickly retreated climbing up the back wall of the cavern they realized they were in. The tomb was massive resembling something like a dwarven hall with the walls being host to dozens of weapons of every kind. The group started towards them but then they quickly realized two things: the first of which was what they were standing on, about four feet of bones and the second was the stench, that was so overwhelming that many of the group quickly found themselves vomiting. The group began moving toward the weapons but they quickly found themselves being assaulted by skeleton hands. The dwarf, having been so agrevious in his blubbering clumsiness kicking bones around, was the first to find an ogre hand shoving his head down into the pile of bones. The group acted quickly firing off spells and arrows to get the dwarf free but they found more hands grabbing onto the rest of them as they made any movements. The only member of the group who wasnt affected by the hands was the human who seemed unconcerned with the whole event, not seeming to care enough to help the others fight off the hands. Oddly he seemed to start singing a song which if I recall correctly was about just being friends.

The tiefling then noticed that they were not alone in the tomb. There was a far off person being held down prone in the piles of the bones and a shrowded figure crouched held down by small hands. The prone figure soon was pulled under but the group freed the shrowded figure as well as the clumsy dwarf. The shrowded figure once freed told the group to be quiet and stop moving, telling them of the great danger that would come upon them if they did not quiet their mouths at once, especially the singing human.

The group proceeded quietly and stealthily toward the far side of the room which had a black slate platform, and circular rings of fire. As they approached it though they had to climb a few hills of bones. Unfortunately the group was not nearly as agile as the shrouded figure, with multiple people tripping over themselves. After the human fell down the pile, bowling over the dark elf, the room sprang to life. The bones started falling fast, swirling around as if a whirlpool was under the room. The group scrambled to get out of the bones, but the dwarf was not so lucky. Lacking in agility he managed to simply get deeper into the bones. But in a crazy turn of events the gnome actually used his spell to pull the dwarf to safety. The group quickly noticed that the dark elf had already ran off to safety.

Where it all began. . .
Don't get too close to me dwarf

Where it all beganIt all started on a the full moon of the fifth month. We all found ourselves drawn to this dreaded tomb, mostly for different reaons. Two of us were there to protect the tomb from being disturbed, two were there to rob it, and two were looking for their mother . . . ? Really, who looks for their mother in a crypt. . . at night. . . completely randomly? Like who really thinks thats a good idea, ‘oh Im looking for my mom, i guess i should start looking in tombs in the crypt’ . . yah that makes complete sense.

So As I was saying We were all brought there for different reasons. The human and the dwarf who were in search for a lost mother soon made temporary allies of the elf and the tiefling, both having the goal of searching the tomb. But the eladrin and the gnome were set to protect it and quickly took sides against the rest. Now the prowess of the eladrin far outmatched any of the others and it could have been a quick dispatch of the others but they appealed to his good concious they called him down to make a friendly alliance. In his desire to not see the others harmed the eladrin, named Xaris came down and along with his Gnome friend Baylen they made a temporary alliance to protect the tomb with the Human named Enzoniac, who seemed to claim some Kingly inheritance of a village widely known for their manure, and the dwarf named Eljee, who seemed to be some sort of slave to the poop king. They were to help defend the tomb in exchange for information to finding their mother.

After this happened two huge monsters busted out of the tomb sending the doors flying and causing a slimy ooze to go everywhere causing great pain to all those who touched it. The problem was that everyone was now covered in it. We Soon found out that the doors repelled the ooze an we gathered close to the doors. At this point Eljee ran off leaving the rest of us to dry along with his master. After getting all of the ooze off of us we ran away from a huge blinding light that signlaed trouble. We slowly creeped back to find that the elf and the tiefling were back at it trying to get in the crypt so we watched them fumble with the door and noticed that the human was back helping them but the dwarf was nowhere to be found.

After being in a shouting match with the others Xaris was surprised by the dwarf who magically snuck up on him, because it could have only been a high level magic item that could have allowed him to sneak up on an eladrin. He then brutally murdered the man the dwarf just made an alliance with. He then proceeded to knock the gnome unconcious and capture him as a slave.


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