The Order of the Arcane Council

Challenge 1

What if I ran and jumped off the path, and dived to Paren, healed him and then teleported back up? With what teleport . . . ?

Threes companyOur first challenge consisted of three teams of two. This was half of our groups first introduction to combat, well except for the brutal murder of Xaris. We had a setting of three raised platforms connected by stretches of paths 10 feet wide. The paths were laden with traps of fire, and giant 10 foot gaps. We all had different objectives that conflicted. We all had to do a combination of protecting a item at our base, manipulating an item in someone eles base, and killing an enemy or two. The teams were as such: The dark elf, and Eljee were on the first team, Paren and Enzoniac for the second, and finally Baylen and the tiefling named Abel for the third.

The dark elf started it off, realizing that he somehow needed to get around a giant whirlpool that blocked his path. One of the objectives he had to do was to make sure that no one touched the whirlpool. So he started off by attacking an oponent with a far shot to the head, quickly wounding Enzoniac and then he began to move around to get in front of the whirlpool. Eljee quickly followed the dark elf edging around the whirlpool trying to make his way aroud the edge of the platform he was on with the dark elf. Peren was up next, as he ran from his start point towards the dark elf, jumping off the throne he started on and acrobatically sliding under the wall of fire that stood in his way. He then loosed an arrow which created a zone that slid people away from it and he slid both eljee and the dark elf off the edge of the platform but they acrobatically hung onto the edge. But soon the dark elf swung himself back up and loosed a bullet right to the head of Paren, knocking him unconcous instantly pushing him off the edge as he plummeted to his death. Eljee bolstered by the sight of this great feat that his teamate accomplished with great ease he swung himself up also, moving to protect the whirlpool. Baylen and Abel, having started this challenge a little farther away moved towards one of the paths to pursue their objectives, finding a series of four fire fountains blocking their path. Enzoniac, feeling shaken by the sight of his teamate being dispatched so quickly was thrown into the throes of hysteria, contemplating the idea of jumping down after him so that he could heal Peren in mid fall so that they could both be concious as they plumet to their doom together. He instead decided to try to run away to try his chances against Baylen and Abel.

The dark elf ran and easily jumped across the gap seperating him and Enzoniac’s platform which held his final objective already having completed his second objective which was to kill an enemy. Baylen and Abel were still trying to manipulate the fire spouts to try to get past the fire without taking any damage. The dark elf quickly grabbed water from the cleansing pool and then splashed it on the gargoyle completing his third objective as two things happened. The first was that Baylen and Abel made it past the fire, and as Eljee tried to get to the corner of their path to prevent anyone from getting an advantage of range on him he fell into a trap door. And Enzoniac came back and killed the dark elf right after he had finished pouring the last of the water on the gargoyle. Eljee climbed back up through the trap door on the ladder that was conveniently hanging on to it. As he did this he found himself face to face with Baylen whom he quickly attacked with his maul pushing baylen off the path to his doom. Which then was followed up by Abel sliding Eljee off the path to the other side to his doom as well. The challenge then ended with Eljee and the dark elf as the victors.



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