The Order of the Arcane Council

Challenge 2

"I climb up the gargoyle" "You fail." "Gargoyle crouch down. Now I climb up again" "You fail again, seriously, its like walking up stairs . . "

The gargoyle and the stoneOur second challenge was a new arrangement of platforms. We now had two square platforms and the teams were 3v3. We both had 6 objectives and the winner was the first to accomplish 4 objectives. These two platforms were connected by two connecting L’s connected together. on each side of the midle connector was either a trap door or a dragon statue. Also connected to each of the platforms was a path leading to a throne, but in between the throne and the platform was an obstacle, on one side being two statues that would attack and on the other side a 15 foot gap and two fiery pedastals. Each of the groups had to do a combination of the following objectives: Slay an enemy, Sit on their team’s own throne, Investigate either the trap door or the dragon statue, and either summon the gargoyle by pouring blood from the blood pool on it or destroy it by pouring water from the cleansing pool on it, and either drinking from the healing pool or protecting it, and finally steal the artifact from the other teams statue.

The teams were as such: Eljee, Enzoniac and the dark elf were on the team with the knight statue, and Baylen, Peren, and Abel on the team with the titan statue. The dark elf started the challenge by swinging a grappling hook over to attach onto a circular ring that would allow him to swing across to the gargoyl saving a great deal of time. But in his foolishness he stopped himself at a small island midway between them, after which he realized that it would be a big struggle to continue on to the gargoyle. Then Abel, the tiefling moved to the blood pool to gather some for the gargoyle. Eljee and Enzoniac moved towards the healing pool to protect it and gather cleansing water to douse on the gargoyle while Baylen also moved to assist Abel. Soon Abel was in range of the dark elf and fell prey to one of his bullets. Eljee rushed through a series of four fire spouts to attack Abel next to the gargoyle and he slammed him with his maul pushing him off of the path. Eljee, almost unconcious from what he suffered from the fire was easy to dispatch when Baylen showed up. Baylen then poured the blood from the blood pool that he gathered in his water skin on the gargoyle. Hopefully he cleans out that water skin before he drinks out of it again. The dark elf swung over to the dragon statue and after realizing that it had a oddly magical giant gem that was emitting some sort of force.

Now the gargoyle was finally summoned, and was obeying Baylen’s commands, odd as they were. Baylen first tried to climb up onto its back without having it crouch down, and then after telling it to crouch down he tried to climb up its back which really had the difficultry equivalent of climbing the stairs, unfortunately he could not accomplish such a feat. Baylen, having heard the splash that the dark elf made when he grabbed the massive gem from the statue and then fell with it into the pool of water at the bottom, had the gargoyle go towards the statue to investigate but he could not see anything as he was four feet tall standing behind a giant 20 foot gargoyle. At this point Enzoniac decided to head back to try to get the throne but fell unconcious after Peren hit him as he was going through the poison gas. Eljee and Abel came back into the portal as insubstantial creatures and they raced to the knight statue.

Baylen lead the statue over back to the healing pool while the dark elf emerged from the pool with a now hand sized gem and with the knowledge of how to use the powers of the gem. The dark elf climbed up the statue hoping to get a shot off on the gargoyle as Enzoniac who miraculously recovered and pulled himself out of the poison, and Eljee destroyed the one who use to resemble a tiefling called Abel. The dark elf got a shot off on the gargoyle but the second attack just barely missed as it crouched down. The challenge then ended with the Titatn team as the victors.



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