The Order of the Arcane Council

The Archivist's Athaneaum

As the group continued to travel backwards, the dark elf caught up to them as he walked backwards through the whole area, not waking any of the ghosts. The group found themselves at a dead end, already finding themselves standing on an invisible platform. If they continued they would fall down a fiery hole to magical fire. The group figured out that there were two new paths leading to the left and right of them, both invisible. One on the right (if they were facing back to the Gorum’s area) spiraling downward and the one on the left staying level. The dark elf informed them that they should go left after his magical diadem showed him a magical map of the complex.

The group traveled for many days along the path to the left having to stop and rest many a time, in the squelching heat. But finally they found themselves at a library, called the Archivist’s Athenaeum. The doors opened for us and a giant magical book started talking to us, through its choking on it’s own dust. After demanding the knowledge of our identities and our purpose the book turned into a old man. The man now held another magical book and looked very old and wise. There were also magical books all around the room shifting places with one another. There were also statues of all the daughters surrounding him. The old man known as the Archivist told us that we had not pledged our allegiance to one of the good daughters like we had previously thought but instead to malcent one of the evil daughters. The old man told us that he would free us from this pledge if we went to retrieve something for him that is in another room of the complex. It would be guarded by some powerful magical being. He also acquiesced to our request for knowledge from his great athenaeum, allowing us to choose one book from his library and if we chose well then we could keep the book or else we would be punished. The gnome chose poorly, losing the use of his arm for a week or so, the dark elf chose well getting to keep his book, the elf chose well getting to keep his book, Abel also chose well and kept his book, Eljee chose very poorly and lost his sight for who knows how long, and Enzoniacs pet raven told him that he was not worthy to choose any book.

The group then set off to retrieve the artifact. They traveled another tenday or so to another library that looked very much like the previous one, but when the group stepped into this one they were immediately attacked by all the books. The smaller books started shooting fireballs at them and the center large book started to shoot a ray of light at the group that shook the victim to the core. The group scrambled to hold their own for a long while, Eljee going down fast, and the rest trying to scramble up the bookshelves in order to hide from the ray of light. Baylen saved the day by calling his guardian from his horn. The guardian wrestled with the large book and used its ray of light to attack the other enemies. But then the books shifting around the outside began firing magical darts at him draining his life drastically. Baylen and Enzoniac scrambled to keep him healed while everyone else tried to take out the smaller books. The guardian ended up destroying almost all of the small books but then dropped the book and it opened at his feet taking him down. Soon after the bookshelves he had set on fire with the ray of light toppled on top of him and the book, creating a domino effect for the rest of them.

The dark elf and Abel then made quick work of the smaller books that were left in the room, and then with Baylen and Enzoniac sought to tend the wounds of the elf and the dwarf who now were both dying.



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