The Order of the Arcane Council

The Children of the Night

Wait, I thought it was supposed to be the cultists of the night, not the cultists of the brightly lit room...

Children of the nightThe group found themselves in a new room filled with circular rings of fire. Inside the fire there were cultists chanting in a circle. The walls were covered in a jumble of writing in some obscure language that only the dark elf could read. The group was cautious as they tried to figure out the best plan of action while the dark elf began to notice a changing pattern of text on the wall. Jasmine, one of the daughters of Archaveus Rex, was communicating through the walls. Apparenty Jasmine had been trapped along with the rest of the daughters of Archaveus Rex rather than killed as the tale goes. Jasmine needed to be freed.

Rats started popping up from holes and running at the adventurers, exploding on impact. Soon the first set of cultists finished and fell down dissapearing. Out from the center of the circle appeared a monster. The monster began using a force to grab the rats and fling them at the adventurers. The adventurers made little progress in attacking the monster choosing rather to continue attacking rats as they were flung at them. While the adventurers continued to do that the rats began multiplying eventually there were dozens of rats being thrown at the adventurers. The dark elf continued to try to communicate with Jasmine, and Jasmine helped them but in return secured the vow that they would free her.

Soon the second group of cultists finished summoning a second even stronger monster. The monster began consuming all of the rats that appeared, draining their life force. The first monster quickly died as the adventurers no longer had any rats to attack. The group, realizing that they would not be able to defeat all of the monsters started to run to the back of the room where there were small tunnels that could lead to our escape. As we made our escape the monster tried to prevent our escape; his aura causing great damage. The gnome got pulled in and fell unconscious but the human acted quickly and pulled him out also healing him. Then the monster grabbed the dwarf, eljee, and pulled him up to his level, about 25 feet up in the air. Eljee managed to wiggle his way free but found himself falling fast coincidentally landing right on the elf, Peren, resulting in yet another person going unconcious. But again the human, Enzoniac, acted brave and rushed to heal Eljee. All of this resulted in us going slow enough for the final monster to be summoned which proved to be the most powerful of them all.

This final moster’s attacks were all based on cold, freezing everything in his path. But luckily through Perens and the dark elf’s sharp eyes they realized that the cultists cloaks would provide magical protection against the cold attacks. Everyone rushed to grab a cloak and rush into the dark hole. Everyone except Eljee managed to get in; and as Eljee sought to get in the hole the second monster grabbed him a few times as he wiggled free again and again trying to dodge the cold monsters attacks. As Eljee was near the brink of death he managed to miraculously free himself for the last time, managing not to take fall damage, and get to safety down what we now realized to be a long shaft leading to a Tar Fiend that the gnome, Baylen just woke up. . .



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