The Order of the Arcane Council

The Gorum and the Immodest One

"Its like jumping off a four story building because you're scared a hammer is falling behind you"

The tar friendThe group slid down the trash chute. Peren, being the first found the end and reacted quickly when he found himself falling 50 feet down to a bone pile. Peren caught himself on a bar stopping his fall safely. Baylen then fell after him, and in trying to slow his fall grabbed onto Peren’s foot causing Peren to almost slip and fall to his shameful death. Now you must understand that Peren was so close to death that a kittens scratch would kill him, and being so exhausted from fighting disease earlier he could not even be healed by the healers. Baylen’s momentum pulled off Peren;s boot and forced him down to the pile below. Next came Enzoniac, who slowed his fall by grabbing onto the back pocket of Peren’s leather armor. His momentum quickly tore the entire pant leg off exposing Peren’s naked butt. Abel followed him up and fell, being the first one to not grab onto Peren. The dark elf followed Abel up being the first one to actually slow himself down and not fall down the hole. The dark elf called out quietly to the gnome, “What’s down there?”, and Baylen shouted, “A Tar Fiend!” waking the creature up.

The group believing that Eljee had perished in the room above was a little relieved to be rid of such an evil man. The dark elf swung his grappling hood down to the bar that Peren was holding but currently was sliding down a rope that was slung over the bar. The dark elf had latched on his grappling hook pretty securely and in the most ridiculous Acrobatic Blunder he tried to drop straight down the 50 foot shaft and while falling pull himself up the rope (the rope was connected to a spot lower than he was) and then hold on to it and stop himself before he hit the ground. The feat would not have been too amazing difficult for the dark elf but while he was falling he was so appalled to see the elf and his naked butt that he couldn’t hold on to the rope and just fell straight down onto the human standing directly below the shaft.

Examining the room they now were in, the dark elf noticed a unique item sticking out to the tar creature. A crown like item and a scepter were sticking out of the back of the creature. The dark elf remembered that the daughter that he was communicating with told him to get the tiara so that she could communicate with him. He convinced the group that it might be necessary to kill this creature in order to gain those items. But as we got into position to attack we realized that this was an intelligent creature and could be made friends. Then the blubbering human angered it, causing it to splash tar at him. We decided to try to find it some food.

Splitting up we searched different pile to find some living creature. Peren and Enzoniac found some magical bunnies, and continued to find more and more of them. The dark elf continued to search for some food for the creature but was as of yet unsuccessful. The group then tried to talk to the tar creature, which we realized was a Gorum, trying to figure out what the bunnies were for. We had some idea that they were keys to unlock something.

The Colors of the bunnies are as follows:
Reddish Brown
Gold (Held by the Gorum)

They were found in:
1 in an Alligator Skull
1 in a fish skull
1 in a human skull
1 in a monkey skull
1 in an owl skull
1 with the Gorum

At this point Eljee suddenly fell out of the chute, unconscious. But what really happened was that he had escaped barely from the monsters. He found himself falling down the chute but wanted to stop himself somehow understanding that there was going to be a fall at the end of the chute. So he used his hands and body to stop himself, quickly wearing away any skin on his hands and wrists. Then he tried to use his maul to wedge it in the chute to stop himself. He caught it on the walls and tried to then climb up the chute. . . ? He lost his grip as it slipped and then he found himself falling down the chute and the maul falling behind him. He then was scared of landing and having the maul fall on his head super hard so he decided to bullet dive down the chute (he might have had some encouragement from the group on that one). Then Peren (out of game) tried to explain what he was doing in a real life example, “Its like jumping off a four story building because you’re scared a hammer is falling behind you”. At that Eljee tried to slow himself down a little but it was a little too late and he was not very skilled at stopping himself. Luckily he wasn’t very good at bullet diving either. He fell out of the chute very fast, getting knocked unconscious from the fall and also getting a maul slammed down on his face.

Then the dark elf explored the cave more to try and find some way out. The dark elf made his way down one corner of this diamond shape cave as it became very small and pitch black. He finally emerged into the entrance to a small garden courtyard. It was filled with magical trees, magical fountains, magical sky, magical clouds, magical animals. It had 3 doors, that were decorated with all kinds of jewels and a magical painting on each of them that described a daughter of Archaveus Rex. Each of the magical items in the courtyard had seven of something: the trees branches, the fountains water spouts, the clouds seven of them, the squirrels tails. The center of the seven was always the most prominent. The dark elf could not enter the courtyard though and moved back to the group. They explored another opening and they were attacked by swarms of ghosts pushing them back to the center. Enzoniac explored another opening that had hand prints on the walls and writings that say to turn back. Eljee explored the final opening and it led to large wooden doors that he lacked the strength to open.

After Baylen mentioned the princesses to the Gorum he began crying, which he will continue for 7 days as it states on the wall behind him. We then decided to rest because we were tired and Peren was falling apart. He also was sure to catch a cold or another disease sleeping with his bare butt on the ground.



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