The Order of the Arcane Council

The Grumbling Elf

"I curl up to the gnome naked and Im gonna spoon him so we keep our body heat"

The grumbling Elf

The group found themselves fast asleep with Baylen playing little spoon to Enzoniac’s big spoon. The Dwarf all by his lonesome and Peren and Abel keeping eachother warm. The only one not asleep was the dark elf. The dark elf was meditating, keeping watch over their new temporary home. Soon a small gnome sized golem came out to the dark elf and handed him item after item. Quickly the dark elf knew that these items were specially crafted with the highest magical aptitude. The dark elf then asked the golem and he pointed to the Gorum and to the dark elf. The dark elf tried to go talk to the Gorum but he would not stop crying, thanks to Baylen. The golem then pointed to the items and pointed to the 6 adventurers. So the dark elf gave each adventurer an item and also gave them something he had found in his adventures during the night.

The group woke up and Baylen found himself being snuggled by the human. The odd thing was that the humans clothes were all ruffled like he was contemplating snuggling up to him naked. Even more odd was that Baylen’s clothes looked ruffled too like Enzoniac had contemplated taking Baylen’s clothes off as well.

The group woke to an almost christmas like event with magical items as well as a few items they probably could have done without at their feet. The elf found himself with a shiny new great bow which he almost mistook for a short bow due to his inexperience with such weapons, as well as thieves tools, a quiver with arrows, and an oar from a small boat. The gnome found himself with a shiny new horn that tingled with magical power, and a torn white shirt and a broken helm. The human found himself with an almost new hemp rope, and a ice hammer. The tiefling found a pair of fiery bracers, and a torch. The dwarf found himself with a spiky new maul. Instead of being happy and excited about finding such an amazing magical weapon and great items the elf found himself grumbling continuously to the dark elf all day about how his pants were ripped.

As we left the platform to inspect our items because of a magical suppression field in the upper platform area the clay golem came and told us to run because a big bad man was coming. We all sprinted out of there as fast as we could down to the magical courtyard. As we ran Eljee told us about his need for 100 gold pieces because of his gambling problems. Most of the group could not amass such an amount and so Eljee asked the dark elf. The dark elf didnt see the need because he would only have to ask again the next day. The dwarf tried feeding it his old maul and only got 3 gold pieces for it and then fed it the elf’s old bow and got a single gold piece for it. The human coughed up 20 gold to help him out. But the dwarf was still needing much more. The dark elf told him that he would give him the gold if he paid him back on his terms and conditions and that he would sign a contract based on those terms when it could be drafted up and the dwarf promised upon his dwarven honor.

When we got to the courtyard we could not enter because as a little minion creature from Enzoniacs magical weapon told us we were unclean. And that we had to go to the cleansing pool in the other part of the complex. We then went back there and the dark elf quickly found himself digging through his favorite pile of loot. Then the group decided to leave the dark elf and continue down the path to the cleansing pool. The soon met the ghost telling them if they take another step forward they will regret it. Enzoniac was tipped off by his minion that he should walk backwards and so he did, right by the ghost. The all began walking backwards and no more ghosts popped up like the last time the group tried to make progress down this tunnel. The ghost tried to trick them, taking the form of a close friend in order to tell them to run back. The soon found themselves falling down a pit to a fire but instead landed on an invisible platform 3 feet down. The ghost wished them luck against the monster that they will meet.


535 EXP for everyone except Dark Elf
400 EXP for Dark Elf
+50 EXP Generosity Bonus for Dark Elf

The Grumbling Elf

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