The Order of the Arcane Council

The Whirlpool of Doom!

The Gnome Saved Him. . . ?!?

Throw me a boneAfter the death of the eladrin the group kicked his corpse off of the rock as they watched it slam hard into the ground. The dwarf then ransacked both the eladrin and stole all of the gnomes posessions as he tied him up to become his slave, adding abduction and conspiracy to commit gnome traffiking to their resumes.

The group then turned their focus back to the tomb realizing that they still had not even gotten into the tomb they so deperately wanted to ransack. But they soon ran into a problem, as they realized that they had no strength to speak of among their group, even the dwarf could barely carry his own maul. But pooling all of their strength together they were able to use a branch from a nearby tree as a lever to open the door wide enough to roll a small boulder, which took three of them to move, into the doorway. They all squeezed in, though the dwarf had a little trouble as he struggled to suck in his gut trying to get through the opening. But soon even the tied up gnome was dragged in and they all disapeared into the tomb leaving a bloody naked corpse of an eladrin outside.

The adventurers found an ooze that they a remembered less than fondly quickly approaching them. They scrambled to try everything they could to try to slow or repel the ooze, using different attacks and finally they found that the dwarf’s attacks repelled it. The ooze quickly retreated climbing up the back wall of the cavern they realized they were in. The tomb was massive resembling something like a dwarven hall with the walls being host to dozens of weapons of every kind. The group started towards them but then they quickly realized two things: the first of which was what they were standing on, about four feet of bones and the second was the stench, that was so overwhelming that many of the group quickly found themselves vomiting. The group began moving toward the weapons but they quickly found themselves being assaulted by skeleton hands. The dwarf, having been so agrevious in his blubbering clumsiness kicking bones around, was the first to find an ogre hand shoving his head down into the pile of bones. The group acted quickly firing off spells and arrows to get the dwarf free but they found more hands grabbing onto the rest of them as they made any movements. The only member of the group who wasnt affected by the hands was the human who seemed unconcerned with the whole event, not seeming to care enough to help the others fight off the hands. Oddly he seemed to start singing a song which if I recall correctly was about just being friends.

The tiefling then noticed that they were not alone in the tomb. There was a far off person being held down prone in the piles of the bones and a shrowded figure crouched held down by small hands. The prone figure soon was pulled under but the group freed the shrowded figure as well as the clumsy dwarf. The shrowded figure once freed told the group to be quiet and stop moving, telling them of the great danger that would come upon them if they did not quiet their mouths at once, especially the singing human.

The group proceeded quietly and stealthily toward the far side of the room which had a black slate platform, and circular rings of fire. As they approached it though they had to climb a few hills of bones. Unfortunately the group was not nearly as agile as the shrouded figure, with multiple people tripping over themselves. After the human fell down the pile, bowling over the dark elf, the room sprang to life. The bones started falling fast, swirling around as if a whirlpool was under the room. The group scrambled to get out of the bones, but the dwarf was not so lucky. Lacking in agility he managed to simply get deeper into the bones. But in a crazy turn of events the gnome actually used his spell to pull the dwarf to safety. The group quickly noticed that the dark elf had already ran off to safety.



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