The Order of the Arcane Council

Titan and Knight

"I swear he said offensively on the knight!"

Titan and knight aThe third challenge that the team participated in was a variation of the previous challenge, but the gargoyle was changed a little, the thrones were weapons of extreme power. The titan and the knight statue came alive at a certain point in the challenge and battled in the fire spouts. The dragon statue was now a sort of obelisk with ten dragon heads spurting water. And the trap door and the dragon statue switched positions. The teams were now : Abel and the dark elf, and on the other team was Baylen, Eljee, and Enzoniac. There was also a magical portal that summoned creatures. At the start of the challenge the dark elf used his grappling hook to swing to the dragon statue and then climbed up. Abel ran to the blood pool and poured some on the head of the gargoyle. Baylen Eljee and Enzoniac proceeded to run towards the center of the map and had some trouble making their way through the poison that seemed to continue to stun them. Enzoniac tried to grab a small creature that came from the portal and bring it through the poison in his bag but it then disintegrated destroying his hopes of finally finding a friend.

As the dark elf reached the top of the statue he realized that it would most likely be too complicated to operate with a single person but figured he would spend about 12 – 18 seconds playing with it before he gave up. Baylen, Eljee and Enzoniac began to mess with the fire spouts to see if they could slow it down so that they could pass through without getting burned but ended up worsening the fire and getting burned anyway. They attempted to somehow block the flow of a magical pool and yet again failed at that. Abel created a zone in the fire spouts to cause anyone who stepped in to fall prone and then he ran to the trap door to investigate. Baylen and Eljee tried to investigate the dragon statue while Enzoniac tried his luck through the fire, quickly falling on his face and crawling the rest of the way and he pressed on to the Titan statue. The dark elf, having given up on the dragon statue due to its complexity swung back to his titan starting point finding Enzoniac there too. In a great feat of speed he launched a bullet rocketing towards his head. Enzoniac still pressed on pulling the helm from the titan but it quickly slammed down on top of the weak human knocking him prone. The dark elf knocked him unconcious with another hit and finished him off with a clean sword attack. Eljee bravely jumped from the dragon statue platform to a small column that was in a series of lilypad like columns that made a path to the throne. Eljee found himself face to face with a small rat creature that gave him a riddle. Somehow he passed the riddle and was given a ride to the throne which he then activated attacking the dark elf, but because of his feeble mind was unable to really hit him, leaving him only slowed. Knowing that he was being attacked from the throne the dark elf sought to put as much distance between him and the throne and so he threw his grappling hook to a wall far away and then swung down slamming into the wall 50 feet down but out of range of the throne. All the while Baylen experimented with the pool of cleansing which gave him a view of the entire map and hearing to hear everything that was spoken. Abel then tried to make his way to the other throne, easily passing through the fire with this high fire resistance, but getting stunned in the poison. Abel found Baylen standing by the pool of cleansing having recently drunk of it. He attacked the gnome and then rushed to try to drink of the pool too, noticing that it seemed to make the gnome stronger. Abel then was attacked by Baylen who tried to throw him off the platform but he was caught by the drake that was bowing down to the knight statue which had oddly started to move toward the center of the map as well as the titan on the other side of the arena. The drake which caught Abel placed him back on the platform as he pushed the gnome and Abel off to the side so that the knight could make his way to the center of the arena and spar off with the titan.

The dark elf, having climbed up the wall, threw his grappling hook to the trap door and after a few tries he caught it and was able to do an amazing acrobatic feet of swinging to it, pulling himself toward it in mid air, doing a backflip and landing right next to the trap door. Then he ran and jumped onto the first lily pad toward the throne. Eljee began using the throne to help the knight in his fight against the titan and at one point it looked like he was going to attack his own knight but then was saved by some strange force of nature. The titan disintegrated after being hit by the throne and then the dark elf fell to his doom after failing a riddle given by a beetle that was on one of the lilypad columns. The dark elf and the tiefling failed miserably, having only accomplished one of their objectives.



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