House Rules


It is hard to grab smaller creatures and they get crazy bonuses to defense. Tom, do you have a link to the thread you mentioned about this? I’m curious. :)

Feat Taxes

Players will be given Versatile Expertise as a free feat around level 5 as part of a side-quest. Players are not allowed to take any Expertise feats.

Any character with a melee at-will weapon power that is not str based will receive Melee Training as a free feat at level 1.


I use tokens (and always have) for Action points and other bonuses. You’ll be rewarded with various tokens during gameplay that you can spend for various effects or actions. I had used “Action Points” long before 4E, and have a different set of rules for them. We will endeavor to use 4E’s system of awarding Action Points; You gain one after every extended rest, milestone etc. And they reset if you have not used them all. I’ll also award Bonus Tokens that can be used during combat and to enhance rolls (or penalize an adversaries rolls).

Flavor Feats

At certain levels feats that have no bearing on combat might be given out.
Examples would be Ritual Caster, Alchemist, any of the Skill Training or Skill Focus feats, the guild or tribe feats, and I’m sure others. Some combat oriented feats may be allowed if they are very minor and are for RP reasons.

House Rules

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