Upload Images

This page has instructions for uploading random Wiki or Adventure Log Photos. Character photos can be handled through this system.


  1. Flickr Account (Yahoo account – I know I hate Yahoo too, just make the primary email as your gmail account after you set it up)
  2. Joined the group I sent out an invite to.

Once you have those 2 things setup go ahead and upload photos:

  1. From the main top menu click the arrow next to “You”
  2. click “Upload Photos and Videos”
  3. Select the Photo(s)
  4. Hit Upload
  5. Click “Add a description” on the photo upload conformation
  6. Under batch Operation the right drop down “Add a Set” select “DnD The Arbiter and the Artificer”
  7. Hit Save

The patch process is seemingly not working. If this does not work

  1. on the top flickr menu click the arrow next to groups click “Your Groups”.
  2. Click “DnD The Arbiter and the Artificer”
  3. click “Add something?”
  4. add photos from your uploads.

To link to photos go to the groups section, click on a photo and then click “all sizes” and then you can either right click and select “Copy Image URL” on the image or scroll down and use 2. Grab the photo’s URL:

Upload Images

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